Upon starting to plan for our Everest Base Camp trip, Bill kept insisting I needed a”female urinating device”.  I knew he was probably right and did some research on which one made the most sense for me.


The shape and the need to attach an additional tube to extend its range made me uneasy and afraid of leaks. Not to mention the need to still wipe after going.


Too similar to the Shewee. Its funnel shape and design came off as awkward and hard to clean. With it being made out of a flexible material I can also imagine it might be difficult to keep in place.


We have a winner! One solid piece, easy to clean, built in “wiping” mechanism – the perfect solution. And the reviews made it seem even better.  Now, having used it quite a bit, I can attest that the pStyle is great, and I would highly recommend it to all women searching for the perfect alternative to squatting. I also purchased a Planet Wise Travel Wet/Dry Bag in the Jewel Woods design to be extra discreet and fashionable at the same time. My only disappointment was that there were no foxes on my bag – the main reason I wanted that design.

My experience with the pStyle

I practiced a few times at home and while hiking in local parks before our trip. Through these practice runs I realized it is quite a bit harder to go standing up than one would expect. It’s as though your body is trained that you must be sitting for that to happen and it does its best not to cooperate.

Thankfully, after a couple days of trekking in the Himalayas, things started flowing more smoothly and it almost became second nature. The trick to staying dry is making sure you cover all the important parts and don’t leave gaps to avoid making a mess. I did have one mishap along the way and learned my lesson quickly!

Having to use an Asian style toilet for other things, and dealing with shaky legs that have done 25+ hours of hiking in 5 days, I am beyond ecstatic that I did not have to squat every time duty called!

Thank you, pStyle, you are truly one of this adventurous girl’s best friends.


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