It all started in 2013 on a beautiful day in London. As Bill and I entered Hyde Park, we came across a medallion in the sidewalk. To best commemorate our presence at that very spot, I decided to take a photo featuring our feet with the symbol commemorating the “Diana, Princess of Wales, Memorial Walk”. And I have not looked back since. Now every time something I see on the ground strikes me as interesting, I’m enticed to take a footie.

Woman's feet wearing black socks and grey shoes at the bottom of the photo, men's feet wearing tennis shoes at the top of the photo, with a gold colored medallion in the middle that reads "The Diana, Princess of Wales, Memorial Walk".

I could easily just take a photo of whatever the object or backdrop may be, but it makes the shot more interesting to have feet in it. Sometimes I think I do it to prove I was present in that place at that time, and it is far more reasonable to take a photo of my feet on the ground than to lay down and take a selfie. I also do not have to make sure my hair is just right, that I place my head at the right angle so I do not have a double chin, that I look at the camera lens and not the screen, the list goes on and on. My feet are just more easily photogenic!

Bill indulges my (borderline) obsession. I don’t think he loves doing it – I often am greeting with sighs that indicate the thought of “come on – again”, but he loves me, so he does it nonetheless. And sometimes I just choose to go it alone and only include my feet in the shot. A lesson in choosing your battles wisely.

Below is a sampling of the footies that have been taken over the years – broken up into categories.

With friends & family – because sharing is caring

At the Nicholas Conservatory in Rockford, Illinois while on a mystery trip with both of my grandmothers.

Three sets of feet standing on a patterned floor inlaid with beads and shells.

With my friend, Abigail, before starting my journey on the Freedom Trail in Boston.

Two sets of women's feet standing around a gold colored medallion that reads "Boston, The Freedom Trail".

Bill and I with our two oldest nieces while visiting Oz Park in Chicago.

Four sets of feet standing on a yellow-colored brick walkway.

To commemorate particular events or locations

In Florida, at Biscayne National Park – because we were unable to see much else while we were there.

Photo looking down at medallion with location coordinates for Biscayne National Park with two sets of feet surrounding it.

While on our Wet Walk in Everglades National Park.

Two people standing in water that is reflecting the trees around them.

Because I saw a luggage scale made at Fairbanks – the company my grandmother retired from – at the Amtrak station in Whitefish, Montana before heading home from our Amtrak Adventure to Glacier National Park.

Women's feet wearing hiking boots standing on a black and white tiled floor next to the metal base of a luggage scale with a metal placard that reads "Fairbanks, Made in USA".

Before boarding our first business class flight at the beginning of our Epic Adventure.

Man's feet on the left wearing blue tennis shoes, women's feet on the right wearing brown hiking boots standing next to a dark blue rug with the words "Business Class" on it in white.

While walking around in downtown Melbourne.

Photo of feet with pink toenail polish and black sandals standing on blacktop next to a gold colored medallion with the words "Melbourne's Golden Mile" on it.

Standing on a lava rock while visiting the Nakalele Blowhole in Maui.

Women's feet with purple toe nail polish wearing black sandals and standing on a porous black lava rock.

After arriving in Washington, DC just in time to see the cherry blossoms in bloom before all the petals disappeared.

Man's feet wearing tennis shoes on the left, women's feet wearing grey shoes on the right standing on concrete dotted with pink cherry blossom petals.

Fun sightings

Moose tracks while hiking in Glacier National Park. We were hoping to see the creator of these tracks, but were not fortunate in that matter.

Woman's feet wearing brown hiking boots standing in grass next to moose tracks in mud.

Because the yellow stool used for getting on and off the Amtrak train was fun and exciting to me.

Single woman's foot wearing a brown hiking boot stepping on a square yellow stool.

To document the interesting sidewalk in Bangkok.

Woman's feet at the bottom, man's feet at the top of the photo - both wearing brown hiking boots and standing on a brownish-orange sidewalk depicting a half-circle pattern.

While riding on a wooden escalator in a subway station in Sydney.

Man's feet on the left wearing dark blue sandals, woman's feet on the right wearing grey shoes standing on the wooden stairs of an escalator.

For all “The Da Vinci Code” fans – one of the marble markers that makes up the Wind Rose that surrounds the obelisk in St Peter’s Square, Vatican City.

Man's feet on the left wearing tan shoes, woman's feet on the right wearing grey shoes standing on a brick surface next to a medallion depicting a head blowing air out its mouth surrounded by the words "Sud West, Libeccio".

While being mesmerized by the floor inside the Church of San Giorgio Maggiore in Venice.

Man's feet at the bottom and woman's feet at the top of the photo standing on a black, white, and red-orange geometrically patterned floor.

Playing “coconut bocce” at the Conrad Koh Samui in Thailand.

Woman's feet on the left wearing black sandals, man's feet on the right wearing dark blue sandals standing on sand surrounded by coconuts that are painted red, green, and yellow.

Enthralled by the enormous clovers growing in the rainforest of Washington state.

Woman's feet wearing brown hiking boots on the left standing at the base of a patch of large green clovers.

Taking in history first hand (or foot)

Another for “The Da Vinci Code” fans – standing near a floor vent (used for heating in medieval times) while visiting the Church of Saint-Sulpice in Paris to see the “Rose Line” (Paris Meridian). (Don’t ask me why I didn’t take a footie with the Meridian itself.)

Woman's feet wearing grey shoes at the bottom, man's feet wearing tennis shoes in the upper left, standing near an intricately pattered square floor vent.

Admiring the mosaic floor at the Chicago Cultural Center.

Woman's feet wearing brown winter boots at the bottom, standing on a mosaic floor with a red pattern of two large dolphins enclosing two smaller dolphins with a vertical line bisecting the composition.

Standing near a decorative block in the sidewalk near the Roman Forum.

Woman's feet wearing grey shoes at the bottom, man's feet wearing tan shoes at the top, standing near a patterned square block in the sidewalk.

Exploring St Peter’s Square in Vatican City. I just loved the black square pavers!

Man's feet wearing tan shoes at the bottom, woman's feet wearing grey shoes at the top standing on a walkway made up of black square pavers.

All the rocks!

Standing in Lake McDonald in Glacier National Park, surrounded by its beautifully colored rocks.

Woman's feet on the left, mans feet on the right - both wearing brown hiking boots - standing in shallow water surrounded by multicolored rocks.

Standing next to Emerald Bay in Waterton Park, Alberta  – because we were in Canada.

Woman's feet wearing black sandals at the bottom, man's feet wearing dark blue sandals at the top surrounded by grass and rocks.

Hiking in the Milford Sound area of New Zealand – because the rocks were very blue in color.

Woman's feet on the bottom, man's feet on the top - both wearing brown hiking boots - standing on blueish-grey rocks.

Camouflaged standing on the rocks outside our tea house in Debouche, Khumjung, Nepal during our Everest Base Camp hike.

Woman's feet at the bottom, man's feet on the right - both wearing brown hiking boots - standing on grey, white, brown, and red rocks.

As you can see, I have taken footies all over the world. And I do not plan on stopping any time soon! As my header says “Have life, will travel”, and my feet will lead the way.