On this day we saw Everest, Nuptse, and Lhotse while standing in front of the tea house in Deboche. Everest was stunning from that angle. Ama Dablam also made a brief appearance. As for the day’s 4.5 hour trek – it started out well – but as the day went on, the air started getting rough on the lungs. Even the flat sections of trail proved to be difficult for breathing.

Squat toilet on a concrete floor with a blue, pink, and purple floral printed shower curtain in the foreground.

The tea house in Dingboche was adequate. The sleeping area was one of the biggest we encountered throughout the entire 12 day trek. The attached bathroom was an Asian style toilet with a shower curtain “door”. I cannot say it enough, “Thank goodness for my pStyle“!

Floral printed plate with a small pizza topped with tuna, cheese, tomatoes, and basil.

For lunch we shared tuna and cheese pizza – I know what you are thinking – “Eww!” However, it was very delicious. When you cannot eat meat because raw meat is carried for days without refrigeration before it arrives in the villages, you must get creative. (We enjoyed it so much, we ate it two or three times while in Dingboche.) We also shared a tuna sandwich and fries.

Tall candleholder holding a lit candle, with a bowl of soup and two large water bottles placed next to it.

The ambiance at dinner was surprising. At 14,250 feet elevation, after trekking for 4 days, we were greeted with hot towels (similar to service we have received when flying business class), and a candle lit dinner!

Looking back, I wonder if the candles were to ensure there was lighting even if the power went out. The tea houses rely on solar power and closely regulate how much is used throughout the day. The light in our room was only in service during the evening hours. If you tried to turn it on before it was dark outside, the light would not come on.