One of the main attractions in Australia, I felt it was imperative that we drive the Great Ocean Road while we were in Melbourne. Being that close and not doing so was not feasible in my mind. And the drive did not disappoint!

Stopping to enjoy the views along the way, our first stop was the Point Addis Marine National Park. This was just a short out and back walk, but it provided beautiful coastal views and gave Bill a chance to enjoy the scenery instead of having to drive and watch the road.

Our next stop for a short hike was Great Otway National Park. Here we hiked in to see Erskine Falls. All of the lush greenery was so welcoming! We also saw a black wallaby/kangaroo just off the road as we drove into the park. Unfortunately I did not have a camera ready and was unable to get a photo.

Green shrubs in the foreground with a cliffside waterfall surrounded by greenery in the background.

We continued down the road, taking in the beautiful turquoise water around every bend until we came to Apollo Bay and decided to stretch our legs and get some lunch. We window shopped as we passed some of the shops and opted for Barramundi and Chips from The Harbour Fish Shop for lunch. Absolutely delicious fish and chips! Highly recommended.

Breaded fish with a lemon wedge inside a white cardboard dish.

French fries inside a white cardboard dish.

Down the road we went until we came to Mait’s Rest Rainforest Walk to take in more nature and rainforest – LOVE! And then down the road again to Gibson Steps – cliffside steps that provide you access to the beach and views of limestone stacks like those of the Twelve Apostles. It was quite windy while we were there, but the views were beautiful.

Golden colored cliff surrounding a sandy beach with turquoise ocean water.

Open purple colored clam shell laying on the beach in the shape of a butterfly.

Next stop, the Twelve Apostles. One word of advice – it’s best to go here earlier in the day. We were here mid-late afternoon and the lighting made it very difficult to get good photographs. Between the sunlight, the wind, and the sea mist everywhere, things just seemed to get washed out.

Cliffside view of several small rock formations in the ocean.

From the Twelve Apostles we continued down the road to the Grotto. Technically a cave, the Grotto looks very much like a sea arch. I have a thing for sea arches and this “pseudo sea arch” did not disappoint. It’s stunning the formations nature creates.

Yellow-orange colored sea arch with ocean water sitting just below.