The word to summarize day nine: tiring. I was awake shortly after 5am, and I met up with Steve, Louise, Hari, and Binod at 6am to trek halfway up Kala Patthar. We received nice views, but it was very cold and a rough up hill trek for so early in the morning without having eaten anything.

It was emotionally taxing as well because Bill was not feeling well and stayed behind. It broke my heart to leave him; 1. I was worried about him, 2. I wanted him to enjoy this adventure to its full potential. It just wasn’t the same without him there with me.

After a few quick photos, it was back down to rest for an hour before meeting back up for breakfast. Once breakfast was finished and we were ready to go, we were off for our 5 hours on the trail – give or take – with a decent lunch break in between.

Upon arriving in Pheriche, we all went to our rooms and rested our tired bodies. Three days to go and (mostly) all down hill from here.