Hi! My name is Amanda (aka Moo, Moo Moo, Amanda Moo) and I have embraced the thrill of traveling since my first solo flight at the age of 9. Being on an airplane and viewing the Earth from above is an experience that is almost as enjoyable as exploring a new place for me.

I took my first international trip as a People to People Student Ambassador at the age of 15. Throughout those three weeks, I fell in love with Australia and the possibility of traveling and experiencing all corners of the world.

To date, I have traveled to 38 states, 30 US National Parks, 5 continents, and 9 countries, and my Wander List of things and places to still see continues to grow every day!

I hope you find my blog to be useful and entertaining. Should you have any questions or would like to contact me, please do so via my contact form.

Always keep exploring,

In case you are wondering – Moo is a family nickname I earned as the result of my mooing at the cows alongside the roads of Wisconsin when I was younger.