Choose Your Own Adventure

Coincidentally (or maybe fate as some might say), today came around full circle. This morning I was thinking I should blog about how life is truly choose your own adventure. Like the books, but REAL LIFE. Our lives are the

Terms of Endearment

Some may be wondering the origination of “Meandering Moo.” Meander – verb: (of a person) wander at random; (of a speaker or text) proceed aimlessly or with little purpose; noun: a circuitous journey, especially an aimless one. Moo – verb: make the characteristic


Call me strange (a name I live up to), but I LOOOVE cooked carrots. Especially when they are cooked with meat/in meat juice. I just love the flavor and the texture of them! Much better than raw carrots if you

Missing Me

Have you ever had surgery that changed the physical appearance of your body forever? That happened to me 5 years, 6 months, and 10 days ago. While I don’t miss the episodes of nausea and possibility of vomiting or passing