Choose Your Own Adventure

Coincidentally (or maybe fate as some might say), today came around full circle. This morning I was thinking I should blog about how life is truly choose your own adventure. Like the books, but REAL LIFE. Our lives are the true adventure. Each one unique, just like the individual they belong to. And within our grand adventures we choose, every moment of every day, of every week, of every month, of every year, we choose. Some choices are good, some bad. Some big, some small. Some for others, some for ourselves. But each and every choice is one of the building blocks in our own adventure.

As for the full circle part of the day, this evening I watched “The Choice” (not purposely, as I did not actually make the final decision to watch that amongst the other movies that were discussed). The movie reinforced my early morning thoughts – life is choices. I leave you with two quotes from the movie: “Life’s held together by choices… if you sit still it could pass you by altogether.” and “Every path you take leads to another choice, and some choices can change everything.”

Choose wisely.

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